Tuesday, June 30, 2009

.Heavy Tongues.

Im lost in a web of myself.

spiders never lie when you dream of them.  They told me of a change… I chose to not recognize it so i dreamed of them again… and now my heart stand at a crossroads.

i can’t speak your name,

its too heavy.

and im much to weak……

Monday, June 29, 2009


i can not say i didnt have an awesome time... San Francisco was awesome. Life often tosses you challenges... I was given the challenge to decide what i needed to do in order for my happiness to be complete... I think I did well. Soemtimes, love hurts and is confusing... but it isn't hard to recoup from being hurt or low... it's all about the aknowledment of your state... and the reverence for the "humble" in life... Seek your own Solace but ensure you consider those in your path... and that does not mean sacrifice what you want for someone's gain... rather shows your maturity...

eh. im rambling... gotta shower... hasta luego...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I watched you struggle in the molasses thickness that was the moment. the same words fell from my mouth.

i, a broken record. you suffering from weak arms and legs trying your absolute best to survive the moment.

I have these moments when I aboslutely have to be doing something ever milisecond otherwise i will feel idle and my eefforts will be wasted... How much time does one have to sit and think about what they already know they should be doing.

Stop fearing your goals...you made them. Don't let the flight and height of life scare you away from actually living it.

PEace and Good Night world.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

.Thursday's aren't thirsty.

Love sometimes mocks that of a door... hinged and un-hinged...

I would gladly weather myself for you... as long as you just keep turning that knob.

Thursday....June 4, 2009 felt empty. more so than my last empty days... This one fell funny at my feet... and my awkward arms couldn't figure ut how to hold it together today.

It is a desperate feeling trying to catch what you can't feel....
but you know it's there.

I do.

I do.

I do.

...if only there was a way to remind you of why you decided to ever cross this doorstep.

Maybe then you wouldn't have to be questioning why you come back... I love you. far more than these words.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

.and then....

There was ME!

Good Day Blogger Space! Today I came home and handled the business.... I plan on hanging out with my favorite Hoochie Kissy Mush Mush Face Maurita later on. She's great! A Capricorn.... And Well... Just GREAT! Woot! She also has her Womyn with her... Who is absolutely beautiful so together they are WONDERFUL. Got that?! Good.

My dog pee'd on my couch cushion. Why, Sebastian?

Are you a dog owner? Better yet... Are you a pack leader? Have any doggy Tip's you wanna share?
Does anyone have Caesar's number? He needs to whisper in Sebastian's ear.

So World, tonight I will be a butterfly. I miss getting dolled up and actually feeling Pretty. Are you always on the Go? Never have enough time to just get dolled and hang out with out having to plan your tomorrow while trying to enjoy your today? Take time and doll up...fuck the plans for tomorrow... go RELAX. put away your cellphones.... Actually Laugh Out Loud... and BE HUMAN.

Not a Calendar.
Not a Cell Phone.
Not a Tweeter.

Feel you in your skin again.

Until manana Dolls!!!
Peace and No Hair Grease!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

.Oh Tainted Dolls.

Come in many different shapes and different forms...

Question: How does one justify a smile... when they have caused others nothing but grief and hardship...

You never ever prance around on someone's good deed in stiletto heels.

There are a lot of things in the world i don't like....

But you Fawn... I am not FOND of you...at all... And Karma is waiting at the dinner table




SOMETIMES, ladies and gents... Blogs go personal...:)

I'll be back later.

Good Day:)

Monday, June 1, 2009

.Just When It Seems Clear.


i have paint from years of trying splattered on the backs of eyelids. pinned butterflies to boards. held heart scribbled on receipts in the corners of my pocket, there is just no easy way to let you go. i've been betting, bidding and biding time on black markets just to put our memories together again. signed contracts with devils, relished in sin and played poker with God to hold on to eternal winnings. you see i would sell my womb to create Us again.


...she reminds me of

failure and
every smile.

So I am going home to Cincinnati, Ohio in a couple of weeks. I haven't been home in a while and I haven't seen the folks i'm going to visit in about 6 years. I'm going home to teach a Kata to a friend for her competition and this return to my Martial Arts roots is long awaited... I also get to eat...

Skyline Fuckin Chili!!

Please give me 1 3-Way W/ Onions and 2 Cheese Coney's with Mustard and Onions!

Also I would like...


Too Many Plugs...

We are so plugged into everything... We use CAT5e cables to plug into the interneet where we in turn plug into one another's hearts... Really where does the human soul begin and the social network plug end?

Dont get me wrong I am the first to tell you how guilty I am of plugging up my empathy box.  Had a conversation about singularity today... hmmm... Computer=MAN

our minds

constantly plugged into
iPods. dialing numbers more than
holding young hands in palms.
we spell affections rather than speak

them. there is minimal space available
for breathing so we download freedom
into cellular devices. Place God in Fav Five's
and text him every time we need a prayer.

disconnected from flesh, we work
overtime to upgrade minimal contact
into e-consciousness. being aware, is now
synonmous with RSS fed knowledge because
we dont have a hand free to lift the paper.

trees out stretch branches to hug human souls,
but we trim Mother's arms back because that's
just too close for comfort. family time
now consist of Jonny and Sue battling
over gaming devices and parents hushing them 
because they can't hear what Warlock
needs to attack which Soothsayer.


and we wonder why violence is a past time
for those not drowning in micro-waves of
distraction. They kill to feel. Society has found
warmth in drive-thru smiles and comforting diets

fitting snuggly into statistics we
so happily embrace.

What happened to humanity? 
Ebay keeps dreams on bid,
boys auction futures while
young women watch self worth in
hopes it sells instantly.
Family Value[s] haven't met market value
in ages and Love is hardly ever up for sale.

suffrage is for he who keeps his eyes
open. The wise don't sleep.
Cowardice has cut the tongue of those
who once used word to spread Religion.

This is not a War of God,
but the call of awakening to
those still sleeping
while giants starve the young,
curse the women and murder the men.

Pillaging villages
of micro-networks coined Humans,
we trudge through cables and wires
blanketed in generated worth
and key strokes.

No on loves,
no kisses sooth the nightmares
of us.

There is no Bible, just

[Delete] keys
allowing us to begin again.

-©2009  Succinct