Wednesday, December 23, 2009

.Tabitha #4453.

the infinite recklessness of your hair
makes crazy.

you spinster,
hurricane force.

curly, fire breathing fairy;
i dream of you often. dancing on to water lilies
in the middles of hailstorm.

you never make much sense to me,
all I know is I am hear to love every shattered
glass moment you have.

and im here, straight jacket
and all.... hugging my

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

.Morning Pages-#4.5.

I wrote about bruised ego's and spirits this morning,

bled out inconsistencies my 9 year old bosom should have never
know. Spoke of loss no child should ever feel.

and am whole
for this hour.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

.Woman #887.


you have suspended the heaven
from your breast.
breathed tides to still waters
and moved the earth with your
nervous feet.

fire breathing sunset woman
why dont you know the worth held in your palms.
why not see
molten life spilling from between your legs
as holy.

rain dance on cosmos
and shower the tops of our head
with your beauty.

if you would only see,
you aren't some broken
down object
subjected to subjects of
late night sentences from
drunken tongues of those who dont
know your seasons.

that mirror hanging on the wall
aint no picture of heaven...
but of god
and of


i wanted to sing to you this morning,

caress your aura with the humming bird living
deep with in my chest.

she woke up extra early just to
lift your heavy spirit
with her ambrosia wings.