Monday, July 6, 2009


you carry alabaster smiles

in the curl of your mouth,
have aged tears hiding in the thicket of your curl,


betrothed your soul to the ground i walked on,
ate the fruits my chest bore in every season and
still left me.


prized peace of earth, I should have learned
as the shores do at high tide... give enough of
yourself and surely.... if only for moments everyday

the element of water
will swallow you whole.
and leave you needing
more than ever before.

1 Corinthians 13

...and I will continue in this manor.

Good Night World.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

.Realization of Truths.

Love can make you feel incredibly small at times.  I’ve had my fair share of roller coaster rides in life and in love and promised myself I would never take myself for a ride like that again… The past two weeks have been trying of my spirit… But i stayed true to myself and things my mother has given me along the way… I also know now… after so many experiences with different people who have come and gone both friend and lover… You can not make anyone do anything they don’t want to do so always be mindful to flexibility and in that there is no need to compromise SELF.


If you are on a journey of self discovery…. fly… be free and do that… it’s ok to make mistakes in the process along the way… otherwise, it would not be called growth.  We fall and get hurt along the way but never EVER EVER sacrifice your growth for another… no matter how much it hurts… That other person may need to do some growing as well.

THIS was my lesson over these past couple of weeks. I had to recognize that a very important person in my life needed room to misunderstand, not understand the “re-understand” themselves in order to jump on the right path… there were some misunderstanding, hiccups and heart breaks along the way but surely… perseverance was enough to get us through what we needed to tackle…

Unconditional LOVE is real…


“Think great things and great things shall happen.”

Peace and Goooooooood Night.

<3 Succinct.