Thursday, May 28, 2009

Amel Larrieux- "We Can Be New"

It always brings me back... Whenever I fade I always remember that we are all growing, all getting to know our earthly shells until it is time to ascend back to our greatness.

When love hurts or becomes confusing we often crawl inside our selves and leae the rest of the world outside waiting for our light again.

Never let anyone or any situation take away your shine... it's your soul, your beacon to the heavens... Bloom Beautiful says Liza Garza.... Know yourself and understand that sometimes being of flesh isn't as hard as we all make it seem. Granted life hands us some shitty situation both dire and not but never ever let those hand-me-down's steal your smile, your beauty or your light.

We work so hard to elevate our selves....


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

.Lips Service.

perfect breath

kissed syllables
falling on
broken wind
sending melodic
tunes down canals.

i fell in love
with your

She loves my "ugly Pretty"... That point when you wake up in the morning and half of your hair is raised... your breath smells like yesterday yet she still cracks open eyes, sees through cellophane sleepiness and exclaims..."Good Morning Beautiful"....

How often does one look at themselves in that same light?

When was the last time you walked in your bathroom, caked eye boogies and all and said "Woman, thou art beautiful..."

I challenge you all to go do that...right fuckin now.

Good Day.

Turkey Sandwich from the Mission and my nerves for these test results awaits me.

Peace and Soul.
No hair grease.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

.Spring Water.

beautifully written into

heavens silver

i saw you dance on
sleeping on butterfly wings,
and singing a rhythm
only raindrops could dance to.


It's what worries us most. a ache, a pain.... We are constantly in this whirlwind of being thin enough, young enough, fit enough and we can't ever catch up with "Enough" becuase that bitch is a true JET SETTER!

I have been having issues here and there with my health... But what i do know is I eat well, I love well, my spiritual self is SOUND and in my opinion THOSE are important. Take care of the Inside spiritual aspect of your self.... love YOU... I think from that physical health isn't hard to obtain...

On to other things...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

.Where have...

All the stars gone.

I have been gone for a while but im going to make my best effort to wipe the dust from the sill.

coming home to self sometimes proves trying...
as reinvention of thought is an ever changing process.

get to know your process.